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Google Flights

Google Flights background

Google Flights is the Best Flights search engine for cheap airline tickets. It offers you the best flight fares and flight schedule to plan your trip. It has many features that make Flights search an amazing experience. You can search for the latest Flight tickets. Also, you can explore flights tickets on google, tickets and get some discount. 

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Why Google Flights Search is Better?

First of all, flight search engine is known for its algorithms and quick flights results. If you are finding flights ticket so you can search on Google Flights Search engine. Similarly, get best and cheap flights deals with google. 

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Google Flights

Why book with Google Flights Search?

Book flights with google to avail big offer for you than expedia flights tickets. Besides,  here you can book cheap and low cost flights tickets. Finding best flights and save money, book tickets at flights. Also, You can save your money at google. Book cheap flights tickets here. Lowest flights tickets visit and know more information.

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How to Book with GoogleFlights?

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Google Flights Search

Get Info about the Flights with Google

First of all, you can book your cheap airline tickets at google flight tickets. Visit com explore for the reason that it’s a best and cheap flights tickets providers. This is the most noteworthy google flight API so here you can get that with biggest discounts.

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Google Flights – Price Guarantee Program & refund for price difference


There is no guarantee once you have booked a flight that the prices are final. It may drop down in the after few days of your bookings. Now you may get sad over the fact; if you had waited just a few days, you could have saved some money as well. 

However, What if you would get a Guarantee about the price of the trip. What if Google flights would provide you assurance, if the price drops, you will get a refund for the difference in the fares.

So we are going to tell you what are the rules for it.


Rules regarding Price Guarantee in Google flights?

First Thing you should know, this deal is not forever. It has a specific time period. The dates for it are between August 13 and September 2, 2019. However, the badge for price Guarantee will be visible for select flights where the traveling is Conclude By 24 November 2019.


What exactly is it?

Now, price Guarantee is a part of Google flights booking process. You see, Google is sure. Its algorithm is accurate to predict the flight fares on google flights. The lowest price of a trip, for which you are going to book the flights.

After booking a flight, Google will keep monitoring the prices until the plane takes off. Moreover, if during this time, the price drops, Google will pay you back the difference in the fares.

Let’s understand it by an example; you have booked a flight between Los Angeles to Las Vegas. The prices for it is $200( not a real fare), Now if your flights are eligible for ‘Google price Guarantee,’ which means it has already predicted the price at $200( Lowest cost). Your Flight was after one week. At the Fifth day, the price has now dropped to $180; Again Google flights AI prediction. So, Now you are eligible for getting a refund of $20.

However, the process of refund is not done automatically. Now you have to apply for payout request to google. Now Google may need some additional information to proceed further. However, it does not clarify how it will be done. However, we know, a company prominent in this size can not lie to its users so that you can be assured about the refund initiation.


How Much Money will get Refunded

Now, the question arises, how much money google flights will refund to you. Well, the refund will be the difference between at the amount you booked the flights and how much it had dropped after the booking till the departure of the plane. Now the minimum difference for the reimbursement should be $5, and the maximum would be $500.


Is every Flight eligible for price Guarantee on Google flights?

The short answer is no; Not every flight is eligible for it. It applies only on those flights, Where Google flights are Confident about its prices. Since it is Confident about the price which won’t drop, there will be a Price badge when you are choosing your Departing and returning Flights.


Do you need to pay for it & When does it happen?

No, Google will not charge you anything for it. You just to Book flights on google, and it will take care of the rest. As for price guarantee, how long they last? Its depends upon the prices. When the prices are changing at a rapid pace before you book, Google flights may or may not provide you the Guarantee. Since its take times to Upload the fresh fares on Google flights official site if you book before price updates than you may not get the price guarantee.

If you cancel your trip, then you won’t be able to apply for a refund.

Benefits of using Google Flights

Google Flights gives cheap Flight fares with extraordinary user experience.

Use Google Flight Search to view Flight fares in Calendar view and check out cheapest days to fly in a month

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