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Flights Google | Buy Low Price Tickets with Google Flight

Google Flights background

We are sure; you must be using kayak, Expedia, and other third-party ticket booking platforms. However, Once you try google flights, you won’t use any other ticket booking platforms. The basics of google flights are easy to follow, once you understand the whole mechanism of it. You will use it like a pro.


We will tell you step by step how to buy a plane ticket from google flights with low prices?

Before we do any search on google flights, let’s make sure to clear all cookies from your browser and use incognito mode to see the low prices.


Let us start the Process of finding the cheap ticket on google flights.


  • First, open the google flight. The interface is similar to any flight booking website. Enter date, one way or round way. Departure city and arrival city. Then the number of passengers. When it’s done, click on search.
  • Now the list appears with results for flights; Here it will show the cheapest flights.
  • It is not necessary that you will get the lower price on the exact date, you need to fly. However, you can play around the times to get the idea.
  • Once You select the dates, a list of flights will show up.
  • Select a flight of your choice. An option of ‘Select’ will come. Click on it.
  • You will redirect to the airline website to book the tickets. Pay and book the tickets.


 Things to Know about Google flights

  • Google flights allow to book a ticket at least 330 days in advance; beyond it, an error message will pop up.
  • Google can predict if the prices will go up. Yes, Google has so much historical data of pricing. Is does analysis to predict the surge in the prices. So it will warn you if the prices will go up.
  • If you are trying to find the last minute cheaper flight, it’s hard to get a low price on google flight searches.It depends on dates, as well as the popularity of the routes.
  • Well, if you are planning to go on a vacation, not having a destination in mind. Then hit explore plan travel.


Let Google flights track the prices.

Essentially it is not easy to track the prices all the time. If you try to follow the prices now and then, maybe, it will hamper your work. So, why don’t you let Google do all the tracking? It is beneficial if your travel dates are in the future.

To set a  price alert, select departure dates, then in left, click on track prices.

As soon as the price drops, google will send alerts to your email. A Gmail account is necessary to track the prices on google flights search.

Not only you can track the price for a specific place, in case you are traveling to different places in the nearby future. You can set alerts for that destination as well. With this feature, planning has become more convenient, and you save some money as well.


Using price trends to predict holiday fares

Google flights keep adding new features. One of the new features is the Travel trends tool. If you are planning a holiday, google flights guide you to get the best prices for a holiday season. It uses historical data to determine the costs. There is a total of 25 favorite holidays like Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and Thanksgiving.

To see it, put the origin and arrival cities,  the dates of travel. The results will show a graph when to buy the tickets for the lowest prices.

If you plan to stay, google flights will show hot deals in hotels. The parameters are prices, quality, and availability.


Using google flights on smartphone

Google flights do not have an app, but using it on smartphones have some advantages.  Especially the price criteria have a slightly upper hand when you are searching for flights, on a smartphone.


Google flights search shows the quality of prices. There are three types of costs, Low, typical, and high; When you search, the prices are divided into these three parts. It even shows you the general prices of these types.

So, using google flights on a smartphone gives you the idea of prices.


What if you search for nearby airports for low prices?

Do you know, The popular airports in a city, anywhere in the world, is also responsible for the higher prices of your tickers. In Google Flights search, when you search. It also suggests alternate airports for a lower price.

You do not have to do it manually; it suggests the nearby airports automatically to get affordable prices.


Multi-city searching

If you are planning to fly continuously, google flights have a multi-city feature. You can add to five different cities. However, the calendar does show low prices automatically.

When you add the cities and then pull up the results, it shows the lowest prices automatically.

When you select the prices, you need to book them individually. In most of the cases, it is cheaper than any other third party booking platforms.


How to use google flights for booking a ticket on Delta Airlines flights.

Many passengers are frequent flier. They choose to travel with certain airlines no matter where they go. There are many benefits to doing it. You earn rewards point for it.

In this guide, we will tell how to get delta airlines tickets for cheap using google flights.

Let’s Open google flight. Select the departure city and arrival. Several passengers and then date click on search.

Now you see results, search for the airline’s tab. When you open it, it will show you the list of entire airlines, which are traveling for a particular destination. Disable the option of airlines.

If Delta airlines are available, select it. Now the only results will come related to delta airlines.

It shows the lowest prices as always. So do not worry about it.


How to use google flights for booking a ticket on Alaska Airlines flights.

You need to follow the same process as described above. Since Alaska airlines is a local airline. It is highly unlikely that in international travel it will show up.

For more info visit Google Flights. We hope. This guide will help to get the cheapest tickets.

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