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How to Use Google flights Price Guarantee

by | Aug 13, 2019 | Blog | 0 comments

Do you remember, when was the last time a Company said are offer this thing at this price and the price goes down till the offer ends. we will refund the cost between the differences. Certainly, there is not a company claiming this? Moreover, A company as Big as google have Not made this kind of Claim. However, Google always seems to take a distinct approach toward their customers. One of those distinguish approach in offering price Guarantee on google flight.

Yes, you have read it right. You see google flights is a popular website and a tool to search for cheap airfares. So, what is the Price Guarantee, which has taken the internet by a storm? Read ahead, and we are going to tell you exactly what it is? How can you use it for traveling if you are planning it?

What exactly Flights Price Guarantee is?


Now, you should know that Google flights are not precisely a Booking site. It is an airfare aggregator site. They tell you what is the lowest price available for your trip. So, now let’s say you want to travel between Las Vegas and Los Angeles. The airfare for it is $300( Not an actual airfare). Since google flights are giving price guarantee for this flight, You get ahead & Booked the flights. Your place was scheduled to take off after one week. However, The price Dropped massively to $200. The Difference is $100, and Google will refund you the difference amount.

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So, we have explained it in layman terms, but there are some rules regarding it. First is, Its a Limited time offer, which is Going to be between 13 August and 2 September 2019. However, it is valid to travel through 24 November 2019.

Not every flight will be a Price Guaranteed. Google flights will offer it on only those flights which google is sure; their price won’t drop. There will price drop batch on those selected flights. The minimum amount for initiating the refund will be $5, and the maximum will get up $500.

You book a Flight; the refund option is eligible till your flight departure. If the airfare drops after it, you can not claim it.

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One another important point is to remember; you won’t get the refund automatically. After the price Drops, you have to send an email to google. Then the process of refunding will begin. However, Google has not disclosed the exact method of it. However, you can be assured; google is not fooling you. if know more about Find the best price for your holidays with google flights

So, Travellers, This is the information regarding google flights price Guarantee.


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